Let’s learn about Music Publishing TOGETHER?

It’s 8 years and then some for me in the music publishing world and I can say due to the many calls, demo submissions  and questions I received over the  years from those  that want  to join the bandwagon of becoming  a star...NOTHING IS SIMPLE AS JUST MAKING OR SENDING A DEMO.TO BE RECOGNISED AS HAVING THAT “SPECIAL SOMETHING”

That would make one stand out from the rest takes planning,time,patience & learning.

This of course does  not happen overnight.Since I  do work in music  publishing, I thought why not see if maybe in a little way I could be of some service…maybe give the smallest start to someone accomplishing their dream.

Please take note that this is my personal view as I am no expert!! After All You Live & Learn!

To make this happen, you need to understand music copyright  & publishing. It’s a daunting task but needed to get  a solid understanding of the field.A dense subject  and a tough nut to crack, especially to those that are not directly involved in the music industry. However,In this post  & the many more to follow, I will attempt  to bring  some clarity to the complexities of  music publishing; seeing as this subject requires such deep explanation.

As I have stated above, my knowledge is limited but  I have  decided  on a whole different approach .To reach out to musicians & composers  that are already making  themselves known in the music industry .To find  out  their STORIES.How they started ,when and how their  big break became a reality  for them. To build a platform of knowledge   for aspiring  and established  artist, songwriter, composer  or lyricist  of today.

Look out for my first interview in the coming days!

Keep the chatter going !


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