What is your weekend forecast? None yet…then this should interest you.
Last weekend, my family and I kicked back by checking out some new factory shops & stumbled upon Independent Traders. The name kinda threw me off, but their catch slogan intrigued…
I couldn’t resist. I ventured beyond.
It’s an antique person’s haven…every collectors weakness.
A crafters, hobbyist delight.
That is what you see at first glance …but it has so much more to offer than the eye can see.
One would have to venture out & discover exactly what I am talking about.
If u remodeling a bathroom and want the  old vintage brass type look or  putting in a french door for your patio, A pallet D.I.Y project…You will have plenty choices.
Trench Art, Military surplus, bathroom fixture memorabilia & urinals.
Not forgetting their salvage yard with garden stones and swings.  A huge selection of vintage  cash registers, long church benches ,antique chandeliers…

Gosh,  too much stuff to mention…best their prices are  reasonable and  affordable!
Hardware wise,  I think they stocked with just about everything.
Independent Traders Unlimited  surely holds an appeal to every interesting human being out there!
It’s a place  waiting to be discovered at
482 Boundary Rd,
Northriding/Kya Sands
They would surely not disappoint & you will be planning your next visit.
Before I go, let me leave you with this tit bit… THEY HAVE A COFFEE SPOT.
Does that not speak to your heart and give you one more incentive to visit?
Yes, my coffee lovers, I found another coffee spot: yippee ! One more reason to add to the list. 
The coffee was liquid love from Green Door Coffee Bar.
Did I hear you ask why Green Door Coffee Bar?
Could it be that it leads out into a greenhouse:-)
Yes, you read me right..but that’s a recap for another day.
I’m off now to  plan another trip to Independent Traders
Unlimited &  another weekend of fun & mystery.  Catch me next week!
Chatterbox out…keep the  chatter going!!

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